About Us


Fruit Islands Estate was founded by Dennis Lagan and Equinox Pinion.

They joined Second Life around February 2007 and got their first sim only one month after. Dennis and Equinox were initially searching for a parcel to build a house on but couldn’t find anything they liked.

Just a few weeks later, they got a second sim, named “Orange”, which was developed for residential use, including houses. Fruit Islands was born. It brought, of course, a huge learning experience but from April 2007 through the present, Fruit Islands grew from 1 to over 225 sims!

Loretta String joined Jan 2009 and initially worked as a sales manager working her way up to estate manager and taking care of the estate.

In October 2015 she took over Fruit Islands, when Equinox Pinion stepped down.

The Estate

What first started as 2 sims with tropical islands now includes rental houseboats on a beautifully landscaped sim and a new green non-tropical area, something that many of our residents have been awaiting for a long time.


Our goal is having beautiful and natural looking land and an estate which offers more than just square parcels. By organizing events like live musician acts, theatre, sailing lessons, cruises, races and much more, we also want to offer our residents a feeling of community.

We always put quality before profit, offer residents public places and leave spare prims on the public water for sailing.

We use only top quality landscaping items in our sims and public places, as we endeavor to set highly standardized aesthetics at Fruit Islands.
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